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make a difference in saving lives of those diagnosed and suffering from this life-threatening infection here in the U.S. and around the world.

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A donation and your support helps the C Diff Foundation provide a wide range of programs for patients, their families, and clinicians, such as education, and advocacy for C. diff. infection prevention, treatments, support, and environmental safety worldwide, training of volunteer patient advocates (VPA's) across the globe, providing life-saving information for those afflicted with this infection from young children to seniors, building satellite branches across the globe, presenting educational workshops in medical schools and programs, in communities and villages, improving and expanding the C. difficile infection awareness.

The C Diff Foundation Members, with their Volunteer Patient Advocates, successfully "Raise C. diff. Awareness" nationwide and in fifty-six (56) countries and host a U.S. Nationwide information Hot-Line with volunteer healthcare professionals (1-844-FOR-CDIF) to support health care providers, patients, and families manage through the difficulties of a C. diff. infection.

We provide global community tele-conferencing support sessions focused on mental health counseling, long-term illnesses, nutrition counseling, the prevention, treatments, environmental safety for each patient and their families living through a C. difficile infection in the U.S., worldwide — and so much more.

The C Diff Foundation is comprised of 100% volunteers dedicated at supporting public health through education, and advocating for C.difficile infection (CDI) prevention, treatments, environmental safety, and support worldwide. There are many avenues connected to C. difficile infections which lead the C Diff Foundation Members and Volunteer Patient Advocates down adjacent roads raising awareness of antibiotic-resistance, antibiotic stewardship programs, Sepsis, and a multitude of general wellness topics.

Through your generous gift, it will also help provide support with home-care products to maintain environmental safety, healthcare needs of patients suffering from this life-threatening infection and continue to grow our educational and advocacy programs worldwide.

The C Diff Foundation will include a personalized letter which will be sent to the person the donation was made. All benefactors can trust that their on-line donations are safe and secure through the Network For Good on-line system.

Join us in our continued fight against C. diff. and help us continue our mission of educating, and advocating for C. difficile infection prevention, treatments, support, and environmental safety and saving lives worldwide —-

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